Bear Paw Adventure Park is located at 10006 7 Mile Rd. Caledonia WI 53108


We believe in having fun for the THRILL of it.  


As an all inclusive adventure park, we have amazing options for all thrill seekers. Try out your skills on the Midwest’s largest floating water park & challenge course or take your thrill to new heights on the Bear Paw Ropes Course. Relax on the beach or challenge your friends to a session of Laser Tag. Join us for Bear Paw Nights to enjoy live music & performers and a viewing of the Northern Lights Drone Show. Want a more thrilling live music experience? Check out our Summer Concert Series!

Cancellation & Weather Policy

Bear Paw Adventure Park does not close for any weather (rain or temperature changes) other than thunderstorms and extreme winds. If the park closes due to thunder, lightning, or extreme winds, guests will be offered first to move ticket reservations times for later that day and when that is not possible, rainchecks for certain days will be offered.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not give refunds based on weather closures or cancellations. 

Time to complete your order:
Sunset Candy & Costume Climb!
Get ready for a Halloween themed climb! Conquer elements and overcome fear to discover delicious candy hidden throughout the course. All while wearing your Halloween costume!

*Costume limitations apply. No capes, masks that interfere with helmets, or larger inflatable costumes that interfere with the fit of the harness. All Adventure Guides have the right to determine if a costume is acceptable to be worn on course. Closed toed shoes required (no crocs allowed).

Saturdays Only at 4:30pm.
30 minute training, 60 minutes on course.